If the furnace is on the brinks, you need a repairman on the job before it breaks down. Your furnace provides warmth throughout the home s when it breaks down, you are left in the cold. Many warning signs suggest that there is an issue with the furnace that warrants a call to total comfort mechanical burlington ma. What are those signs?

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  1. Furnace Age: Sometimes nothing more than age
    tells us that it’s time to call a professional before major breakdown and
    damage occurs. The average lifetime for a furnace is about 20 years.  How
    old is your furnace? If it is nearing this age, it’s time to call.
  2. Increased Utility Costs: Do you notice the
    costs of your utility bills rising? Furnaces decline in efficiency as they
    age. If you don’t tie them over their lifetime, this happens much quicker.
    Your furnace may be the cause of increased utility bills.
  3. Repairs: Does it seem that you are now BFF
    with the furnace guy due to the excessive number of calls you’ve made to
    them this year? If they’re not already suggest a replacement, now is the
    time to arrange this yourself.
  4. What’s Your Comfort Level: When the home is
    uncomfortable, with some rooms warm, others cold, then it’s time to make
    the call. You shouldn’t need to adjust the thermostat constantly to keep
    the home comfortable. This could signal that your furnace is worn out and
    needs a tune up.
  5. Burner Flame: If the burner flame is yellow
    rather than blue, you have a problem on your hands and should get out of
    the home at once and call a professional. This could indicate that the
    furnace is leaking carbon monoxide.

Heed the signs above and take notes so you can get professional help when it’s needed.