If you or a loved one are going through struggles with mental health, the first thing you should know is that you are not alone. Millions of people every single year face their own issues with mental health, and it is a very personal struggle, but it is certainly not one that you have to face alone.

There is always someone that you can talk to, and plenty of places available that are well equipped to help. No matter what the struggle, no matter what the disorder, whether you’re an adult with mental health problems or have a child facing struggles of their own, psychiatric services atlanta trained professionals are on call to help.

If you decide to seek help for yourself, family member, or even your child, one of the questions you’re probably going to have to come up with an answer for is whether you’re seeking inpatient care or outpatient care. What’s difference, and which one is the best choice to go with?

What’s the Difference?

The difference, essentially, is the amount of time you spend at the treatment facility.

·    Inpatient care is where the patient spends a specified amount of time at the facility (sometimes a few weeks, sometimes 30 days or more) and receives all of their care from specialists at the facility.

·    Outpatient care is where the patient receives care at the facility, but is able to go home at the end of the day. These patients are not under 24/7 supervision by medical professionals.

Which Option is Best?

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The best option when it comes to inpatient or outpatient care is simply answering the question “What is best for the patient?”

If the patient is potentially a danger to themselves or others, having suicidal thoughts or actions, or at some other risk, then inpatient care where they can be monitored directly by trained staff is going to be the best course of action. If the patient is able to think rationally and doesn’t pose a danger to themselves or others, then receiving care the outpatient way is probably going to be the better option.

Whatever the condition is, and no matter who is dealing with it, considering seeking treatment for mental health conditions can be a great way to work on addressing the problems and, if not curing them, finding a way to live more comfortably with them.