The bare bones of our homes can be really intimidating for most people.  In fact, some people really have such an issue with decorating their homes that they never really do it.  However, with a little bit of time, effort and some simple design choices, anyone can turn their bare house into a home. 


Paint is the primary thing that you will want to focus on when you start.  When we throw on a layer of paint we are taking the bare walls and giving them some class.  When putting on paint you want to really do it is a way that makes the room pop.  You can accomplish this by doing an accent wall that has a different colored toned wall. 

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The windows are the next component to look at.  The windows will help to give the room shape and form.  For this reason, window treatments ocala fl and other design choices need to be top on your list.  These treatments can be shades, curtains, blinds and general accents.  When we work on the design for our windows we are also playing with the lights and shadows that will fill the room. 


Next, furniture needs to be added to the rooms.  The furniture will give each room its purpose and characteristics.  If we place a couch and a table in the room, we can consider it to be the living room.  If we have an oven and a sink, we know we are in the kitchen.

The furniture that we choose needs to be pleasant, comfortable and functional.  When deciding on furniture take your time.  Don’t rush into anything too expensive and make sure that it fits your style.  When others come into your home, they will look at your furniture and judge their experience accordingly.

Finally, you want your finishing touches.  This is where you can make your house a home.  Photos, rugs, vases and more will tie everything together.