But? But what? So that’s great then, the assigned handyman rapid city sd contractor is a Jack of all trades. But what follows then? A master of none? No way, Jose, surely not that, not in this day and age when everything simply has to revolve around money, or the lack thereof. Stop stations, reader! It’s not like that at all. The entire handyman environment has changed. This may surprise you then. Today’s handyman contractor is still a Jack of all trades.

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But he’s definitely a master of all. Well, not quite, but in most cases, yes. And here is how. Most handyman shops – they are literally dotted all across the country by now – are fully equipped and manned by quality qualified tradesmen. This entails having plumbers, electricians, building contractors and the like fully on board. Of course, there is also the business element. There will be a project manager.

And there will be a general manager. And this could be you as well. Say now; you’re a qualified tradesman too, but lately, you’ve been struggling for new business, just like so many others these days. Here’s your opportunity to become part of a franchise movement that has swept the country, and become a valued member of your community once more. It will take time to set the business up.

But in the long run, the effort will be well worth it. You should not be restricted economically because your business should be listed as an essential service. Catering for numerous emergencies that occur almost on a daily basis, your business should be allowed to enjoy 24/7 availability. Finally, you’ll still be in a position to pool your specializations and continue doing the work that you have always enjoyed.